Ramming Mass
Silica Sand
Silica Sand, Silica Sand Powder
Silica Sand
Colour : White and Pink
Formula : Sio2
Fineness : 04x16, 16x32, 24x60, 30x80, 60x150
Packing : As per costumer requirement.
Silica Sand Silicon is the most abundant element on the earth's surface and in the form of silica is consumed in a great number of industrial uses. Silica has many industrial applications in abrasives and polishes, in glass manufacture, fillers and extenders, silica brick manufacture, as a catalyst, in specialty coatings, cleansers, ceramics, electronics, optics and refractories, in ferro-silicon manufacture, rubber, and as a frac sand. Processing of silica of specific quality yields several types of specialty silicas. These include colloidal, fumed, fused, high purity ground, silica gel, and precipitated silica. Colloidal silica is mainly used as a high temperature binder for silicon wafer polishing and carbonless paper.Fumed silica has unique strength, thixotropic properties and flatting properties, is a valuable ingredient in rubber, plastics, coatings,cement and sealants. Fused silica is produced by fusion of very high quality silica sand feedstock in electric arc and resistance furnaces. The resulting product is very different from the original silica sand due to the extremely high quality, consistent chemistry, high resistance to thermal shock and low thermal conductivity. It is therefore suitable as a filler for electronic encapsulants, refractory and investment castings and specialty coatings. Silica gel is an extremely pure, porous, and amorphous form of silica known for a high degree of internal surface area, hardness, uniformity and chemical inertness. Its ability to absorb liquids makes it valuable in a wide variety of applications including catalysts, anticaking agents in food and pharmaceutical products, desiccants, cosmetics, plastics, specialty coatings, paper and adhesives. Precipitated silica is another type of specialty silica which is mainly used as a reinforcing agent in tire compounds.

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