Ramming Mass
Acidic Ramming Mass, Ramming Mass
Colour :
Formula : KA12(AlSiO3)010(OH,F)2
Fineness : 30, 60, 100, 325 mesh.
Packing : As per coustomer requirement
Mica flakes are made from pure muscovite sheet mica and are mainly used for decorative purposes due to their sheen. They are used in sound absorption, lining of acoustic speaker cones, as they are absolutely free from contamination. We also produce low quality mica flakes, which can be used for oil drilling. These are used to replace asbestos as the raw material in brake linings and clutch facings.
Mica sheet, block, scrap, flakes are used in following areas: Electrical Apparatus :
Electric Heating Appliances:
Electrical Control Electrical Lighting:
Equipment Industrial :
Electric Heating Appliances :
Mechanical Uses :
Miscellaneous Electrical Uses:
Radio, Radar, Television etc. :
Motors and Generators :

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